A Dream of the Establishment — the house of prayer

A Dream

I had a dream that I had blueprints in my hands, and I was building a structure along with many other people who were all involved in the work together. As it went up it looked like a large warehouse structure or a hangar of some kind. The thing that we were doing was building the shell of the structure bigger than we needed it, because we knew that we would quickly outgrow it. So my job was to oversee the building of the overall structure with an eye to what we would immediately use, what we would need as we grew, and to design flexible spaces to accommodate the changing purposes of those spaces over different time frames.

It Takes a Nation

The first thing I see in the dream is that it takes more than a single person, or a small team to build the House of Prayer. It takes dedicated volunteers from the whole nation: “…everyone whose heart God had moved prepared to go up and build the House of the Lord – Ezra 1:5.” It takes a nation.

It Takes a Priesthood

But within that nation, there are some who carry a calling to the work of the House of God. They may not even know it as they pursue their day-to-day lives. But they may carry a yearning for something more. These are the members of the Priesthood: called-out men and women who are largely placeless and without purpose while the people of the Lord are in captivity to the world, and the work of the House of the Lord lies largely undone. This is one of the critical works of the establishment in our day — not only to build the House of Prayer, but to call up the priesthood that God has called and ordained to serve there. …And so many don’t even know yet who they are.

The Changing Purposes of the House of Prayer

The last thing I see here is the changing purposes of the House of Prayer — specifically the HOP Centers — over the next few decades and into the Millennial Reign. You may have heard me preach it before, but this is so fundamental to God’s purposes for His house now, and through the end-times. The primary purpose of the house right now is to call up the church; to prepare a bride in the earth that knows her Kingdom calling, and knows how to walk in Kingdom with every step, every word, and every deed. But then the purpose of the House will shift — not change from that purpose of preparing a bride — but it will shift dramatically to a work of staging and equipping the major worldwide move of God that is prophesied to come.

The purpose of the House will shift again as the times get darker and more perilous, to a purpose as cities of refuge for everyone who will respond to the Lord through the end of days. The purpose will shift yet again as Jesus comes to take up His throne in the Earth. The purpose of the House of Prayer during the Millennium Reign will be as centers of Kingdom rule — Kingdom of God “embassies” where His power is centered in a region, and from where His power and authority goes forth to bless and empower everyone, even as we enter into the work of ruling and reigning with Him.

Pray With Me

So right now I am Praying into the foundations of the House of Prayer:

  • Let the House arise! Let it be built for the changing needs of the coming times!
  • We are calling forth the priesthood! We Call forth the men and women who carry this priestly destiny, and may not even know it!
  • We are calling forth the establishment of the House of Prayer and the priesthood together in the earth!

Amen Lord, let it be so!


About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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