There are a host of great free resources on the web for those going as missionaries long-term, short term, and for those helping to send missions workers. These resources are useful even for English teachers carrying the Life of the Gospel abroad! Here’s a list compiled by Seth Barnes at Adventures In Missions:

Missionary Care The most thorough list of articles and ebooks I’ve seen

Ask a Missionary Great web site with answers to your questions from experienced missionaries

Frontier Missions A free monthly online missions magazine

International therapists directory Christian therapists available around the world
List of good books & articles 50+ of them in a pdf file

Ethne-Member Care A list of articles

Going Global: A Member Care Model for Best Practice

Stephanas: A New Testament Example of member care

Supporting Mission Workers The Key Role of the Sending Church

Sending Church Profile, Raising the Standard, Focus on Member Care Articles by Neal Pirolo

Historical Perspectives

For Everything There is a Season…And a Summons

To the Ends of the Earth

Wise as Doves and Innocent as Serpents In 12 languages

Giants Foxes Wolves, and Flies In 5 languages

Great Commission Resources Joshua Project

IJFM, Issue on Member Care

Doing Member Care Well Best book on how to send and care for missionaries

WEA Resources A list of articles and books available in Spanish and Arabic 

Missionary Care: Counting the Cost 25 chapters available to download

People In Aid Note their list of publications in Resources & Publications

And… here’s a link to Seth Barnes’ Blog, Radical Living in a Comfortable World

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