An End-Time Key: The People of the Land

There is an emphasis that is arising in the Spirit worldwide, an emphasis on indigenous peoples. Everywhere we go God has been highlighting the native peoples — so often disenfranchised and marginalized when it comes to enjoying the fruit and the resources of the land. The land of their inheritance.

Christians in all of these places have cried out to God, asking Him to bless their nations and bring the land into its destiny of peace, fruitfulness and abundance. In response, God is spotlighting the indigenous peoples and saying, “The key to the land is the People of the Land!”

Lillooet and the First Nations Peoples of Canada

On April 29th 2004 I travelled to Lillooet, B.C. Canada with a team of guest ministers in order to pray for the town and the surrounding area, and to reach out with the love of Christ to some of the First Nations youth on the reservation at Shallath.

Lillooet, British Columbia Sign

Lillooet, British Columbia Sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After our arrival in Lillooet we were walking and praying down the main street of town as we explored and picked up some groceries. As I prayed quietly on the sidewalk in the middle of town I felt the presence of spiritual principalities bending down in hostility from the mountain tops all around. My reaction was not fear because I know that the God who lives in us is much more powerful than those that try to rule over us in this world. I merely took note that the enemy of our souls was overplaying his hand. This is a good sign that the Spirit of God has plans to do something mighty in Lillooet that has our enemy concerned. Also, in this overreaction there may be clues to the spiritual strongholds that hold temporal sway in the area. I was able, in that moment, to discern spirits of depression, anguish, suspicion and separation, and bondage to darkness that keeps men and women blind to the light and works of the Spirit of God.

So right there we have a preliminary prayer outline, a line-up of topics resident within the community that can be targeted with the light of love. The first order of business is not to charge in with prayer and spiritual warfare, however. The first thing to do when we find ourselves facing the darkness is to simply turn on the light. Our first order of business is to lift up the rulership of the God of the universe. We must begin by acknowledging His absolute rulership in our lives, walking it out, and by lifting up His power and might over us and over the earth in worship. We must gather to lift His power and might up over the land with abandoned worship, proclamation and the proclamation of His word. Let God arise, and His enemies will be scattered!

Therefore, after I felt this spiritual hostility and paused to sense what I could get from The Lord in it, I began to softly lift up His Name. I quietly sang His praise and proclaimed His power and might. Immediately I saw the mountains becoming mountains of The Bride. I saw pure white bridal veils cascading down into the valley around me. I saw the moon smiling down with a terrific light that flooded the valley. I began to speak this out in agreement with the Spirit of God, and in proclamation of this truth He was showing me. Bridal veils and the moon both being symbolic of the Bride of Christ, I believe that a great key to the work of the power of the gospel of Christ going forth in Lillooet and the surrounding areas is the Bride of Christ coming together to “arise and shine”, and lift up His rulership and reign. It seems, then, that worship is a key. Prayer is also a key, and a coming together of the Body simply to worship and lift up His name is key to turning on the light in Lillooet.

A few days later we hiked up on the bluff by the airport, and we prayed over the city. As we stood together praying I saw a huge eagle rise up from the city and fly up into the sky. As soon as the eagle disappeared into heaven a huge dove fell down upon the city. I feel that if we are able to accept and give place to the indigenous people of the land, even though their culture may look different from ours, they will rise up as worshippers and intercessors – eagle warriors – and bring forth a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God over the land.

Since 2004 we have seen on many continents, in many places, that there is a strong connection between the land and the people of the land. We’ve seen it most recently very clearly in Fiji. God is highlighting the people of the land right now, and giving Christians an opportunity to serve the people of the land in ways that will allow them to step up into their destiny; only then will the destiny of the land will spring forth.

First – Proclaim the awesome greatness of The LORD over the land and with all its peoples. Lift up His rulership and authority in worship, in proclamation of the word, and in the speaking forth of His praise that the Holy Spirit brings to your lips. Proclaim His Name in worship. Proclaim His Name over the native people in native tongues. Proclaim His greatness in the tongues of the people of the land. Shout out His greatness! Dance out your expression of His rulership over the land! Dance as you proclaim His Name, His dominion, His sovereignty over the people.

Next – pray through the breaking down of walls. Pray the preparation of the Bride between the peoples. Pray connection and unity among the church, restoration and unity between fathers and children, healing and reconciliation between the first people of the area and the colonial, or subsequent people, and the healing of injustice over the land. I will say it again: there is a strong connection between the land and the people of the land. Serve the people of the land to step up to their destiny and the destiny of the land will spring forth.

To be Continued…

About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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