House of Prayer


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The Tabernacle of David by Kevin J. Conner

God’s Favorite House by Tommy Tenny

The Power of His Presence by Graham Truscott

Red Moon Rising: how 24-7 prayer is awakening a generation
by Peter Greig, Dave Roberts

 The Establishment: the tabernacle of David and God’s end-time house of prayer  by J. Scott Husted


After God’s Own Heart by Mike Bickle

The Pleasures of Loving God by Mike Bickle

The Singing God: Discover the Joy of Being Enjoyed by God by Sam Storms, Mike Bickle

The Sacred Romance by Brent Curtis & John Eldredge

The Power of Praise and Worship by Terry Law

To Know You More: Cultivating the Heart of the Worship Leader by Andy Park

The Unquenchable Worshipper by Matt Redman

Heart of the Artist, The by Rory Noland

Unceasing Worship: Biblical Perspectives on Worship and the Arts by Harold M. Best

Extravagant Worship: Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord God Almighty Who Was and Is, and Is to Come by Darlene Zschech

Enter The Worship Circle by Ben Pasley

Worship Him by Fuschia Pickett

The Air I Breathe: Worship As a Way of Life by Louie Giglio

Facing The Wall by Don Potter

For The Audience of One by Mike Pilavachi

The Lost Glory by David Markee

Sound of Heaven Symphony of Earth by Ray Hughes


Praying The Bible by Wesley Campbell

Kneeling on the Promises by Jim W. Goll, Cindy Jacobs

The Lost Art of Intercession by Jim W. Goll

Reese Howells, Intercessor by Norman Grubb

Prophetic Intercession by Barbara Wentroble

The Breaker Anointing by Barbara J. Yoder

Watchman Prayer by Dutch Sheets

Bridal Intercession by Gary Wiens

Informed Intercession by George Otis Jr.

Releasing Heaven on Earth by Alistair Petrie

The Beginner’s Guide to Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets

Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth by Dutch Sheets

Becoming a Prayer Warrior by Elizabeth Alves

Exodus Cry: Sounding a Prophetic Call to Strategic Prayer for Israel and the Jewish People Worldwide by Jim W. Goll

The Prophetic Intercessor: Power and Passion to Shape History by Jim W. Goll

Crafted Prayer: The Joy Of Always Getting Your Prayers Answered by Graham Cooke


Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ by Jeanne Guyonne

Developing Your Prophetic Gifting by Graham Cooke

Discerning of Spirits by Francis Frangipane

Dreams and Visions: Understanding Your Dreams and How God Can Use Them to Speak to You Today by Jane Hamon, Dutch Sheets

Receiving Divine Revelation by Fuschia Pickett

Your Sons and Your Daughters Shall Prophesy by Gentile

User Friendly Prophetic by Larry Randolph

When God Speaks: Receiving and Walking in Supernatural Revelationby Chuck D. Pierce, Rebecca Wagner Sytsema

You May All Prophesy by Steve Thompson

The Prophetic Ministry by Rick Joyner

The Seer by Jim Goll

The Beginner’s Guide to the Gift of Prophecy by Jack Deere

Growing in the Prophetic by Mike Bickle, Michael Sullivant

 Mercy & Justice

Heavenly Man by Brother Yun

City of Joy by Dominique La Pierre

Doing Justice, Showing Mercy : Christian Action in Today’s World by Vinita Hampton Wright

Justice, Mercy and Humility by Tim Chester

Send My Roots Rain: A Spirituality of Justice and Mercy by Megan McKenna

Urban Ministry: The Kingdom, the City, & the People of God by Harvie M. Conn, Manuel Ortiz

Glory, Signs & Wonders

When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson

Power Evangelism by John Wimber

The Faith Factor: Proof of the Healing Power of Prayer by Dale A. Matthews, Connie Clark

Derek Prince on Experiencing God’s Power by Derek Prince

Power Healing by John Wimber

Surprised by the Power of the Spirit by Jack Deere

When the Spirit Comes With Power: Signs and Wonders Among God’s People by John White

The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit by R. A. Torrey

Good Morning, Holy Spirit : by Benny Hinn

You Will Receive Power by William Law

The Anointing : by Benny Hinn

Filled with the Spirit: Understanding God’s Power in Your Life by Joyce Meyer

The Power of Faith by Smith Wigglesworth

Fresh Power by Jim Cymbala

If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat by John Ortberg

The Call of the Elijah Revolution  by James Goll, Lou Engle

Wasted on Jesus : Reaching for the Lover of Your Soul by James Goll

The Fasting Key: How You Can Unlock Doors to Spiritual Blessing by Mark Nysewander

Passion for Jesus by Mike Bickle

Pleasures Evermore: The Life-Changing Power of Enjoying God by Sam Storms


Jesus Manifesto by Leonard Sweet, Frank Viola

Essential Qualities of a Team by John C. Maxwell

The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard

Soul Tsunami by Leonard Sweet

Revise us Again by Frank Viola

Can You Hear Me by Brad Jersak

Dangerous Wonder by Michael Yaconelli

A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards

The Emerging Church by Dan Kimball

Church in Emerging Culture: Five Perspectives by Leonard Sweet

The Next Move of God by Fuschia Pickett

God’s Dream Team: A Call to Unity by Tommy Tenney

A Divine Alliance by Jim Laffoon

In Search of Authentic Faith : How Emerging Generations Are Transforming the Church
by Steve Rabey

Soul Salsa by Leonard Sweet

The Story We Find Ourselves In: Further Adventures of a New Kind of Christian
by Brian D. McLaren

A Servant’s Manual: Christian Leadership for Tomorrow
by Michael W. Foss

The Language Of Love: Hearing And Speaking The Language Of God
by Graham Cooke

Pastors & Prophets : Protocol For Healthy Churches
by C. Peter Wagner

Leaving Laodicea: A Call to Spiritual Passion
by Jeanne Terrell

The New Apostolic Churches
by C. Peter Wagner

Apostles and Prophets: The Foundation of the Church
by C. Peter Wagner

Churchquake : The Explosive Dynamics of the New Apostolic Revolution
by C. Peter Wagner

4 Responses to House of Prayer

  1. I´m from Brazil and i was intercessor in the House of Prayer in Jerusalem for 3 years. I would like to visit the House of Prayer in South Korea. Somebody could help me giving some information:

    1) Do you have accomoddation for foreign people that are coming to visit the House of Prayer? How much it cost? How long time the person can stay? How many hours we keep on praying in the House?
    2) South Korea ask about VISA to enter in the country?

    thanks for your attention,


    • jscotthusted says:

      The K1 House of Prayer in Seoul is a very small plant, only a year old at this time. It only has a small basement space, and does not host sessions 24-7 — yet!

      So there is no accommodation available in connection with K1. Also, you will need a visa to come to South Korea, but the terms of visas issued differ from country to country. There is probably a tourist visa available to people from Brazil. Check with the South Korean immigration services website. We’d love to meet you!


    • jscotthusted says:

      We would love to meet you, Tesema. We could start by coming and speaking in your community about the house of prayer. Are you a part of a Christian group that would be interested?

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