Through the Veil December Update 2016

Hello Lovely People! Merry Christmas! This is Dionne and Scott with an update. If you didn’t know, we have grown to include Through the Veil, Pacific Hope outreach, Pacific Gates education, Ring of Fire Houses of Prayer, Ring of Fire Economic Development, and now Ring of Fire Productions. We have been in a vigorous growth stage for the last few years, with more vision and invitations than we can follow up on. At this point we really need to break through into the resources to support a full-time team!
We want to update you on our partners, our next plans and a new project — and ask if you will pray for us!
Our Work and Our Partner Directors


Stephen Ministering

Our work in Namhsan, Palaung State, Myanmar is headed up by Stephen Tun. As you may know, Stephen is working on a huge project. He has been studying as a linguist, and has been working with Wycliffe to produce the first ever translation of the Bible in his native tongue, the Palaung language. Stephen and his family minister to their people, an almost totally unreached people group. With our help, Stephen and his family has been operating a Pacific Hope relief ministry for refugees of regional fighting in the Northern Myanmar mountains. They have operated a ministry center, offered food and shelter to refugees, shared the Lord with the people, and given Bibles in Burmese to anyone who wanted one. Stephen has the opportunity to finish his work at the University of Chaing Mai, and needs our prayers. Check out the websites for more pictures!


Our work in Fiji, directed by Semisi Naqica, has been at a standstill as the government has been in turmoil on the issue of native rights. Some of our partners there have been accused, jailed and are awaiting trial as a result of their efforts to bring Pacific Hope outreach, education and Ring of Fire house of prayer ministry to their own tribal peoples. We can’t say more about it, but PLEASE PRAY!




The work in Cambodia is directed by Soly Vanouen. Soly cares for 65 and more orphans, he pastors a church in rural northern Cambodia, and spearheads practical ministry outreach in small local villages. He cares for orphans, plants churches, drills wells, helps build schools and more. Soly is currently building a large new Pacific Hope children’s home and education center to care for more of his precious children. Please pray.

Rudia Kim

The work in South Korea is directed by Pastor Rudia Kim. Conditions here in Korea have been tense, with huge anti-government demonstrations in the streets of Seoul. A proposed Pacific Hope ministry center plan has been nixed due to very high facility costs and difficult government regulation issues. A plan for a Pacific Gates Christian College program has been fighting the same battle against severe government restrictions, but we continue to pray into this possibility. Please pray for breakthrough in South Korea!

The work in Lashio, North Shan State, also in Myanmar, is


Pastor Kyaw Kyaw (Jo Jo)

directed by Pastor Kyaw Kyaw. He Has been teaching a small Bible School in this frontier town amidst the hill tribe areas for over ten years; equipping local tribes people as Pastors and helping to plant churches in surrounding areas. Right now Pastor Kyaw Kyaw is building a large new Bible School facility networking with Pacific Gates Education and other ministries, which will expand the foundations for the spread of the Gospel in Northern Myanmar. The facilities are being built only as Pastor Kyaw Kyaw receives the funds to continue construction. Yet the school needs to be finished by the start of the next semester — at the beginning of March. Please pray!

Our partner in South India is Pastor Victor Raj. He has been ministering Ring of Fire House of Prayer style among Hindu, Muslim and Christian people in his city. He is now taking up the call to establish a Pacific Gates Bible School among his people as well. Let’s pray!
Our New Project
ring-of-fire-adventures-logo-transparentRegarding our new project, things are moving rather quickly, and unexpected doors have opened for us. An opportunity “suddenly” has arisen with a new Christian television network in North America. They have made a regular time slot available and Scott has proposed to produce a live-action adventure missions series called “Ring of Fire Adventures.” We will be featuring our own partners around the world, and many other ministries doing great works. We are going to produce six initial episodes in January featuring Korea, Thailand and Cambodia. After these are up and running we want to do 6 more this summer, Lord willing. We want to do shows featuring our partners and other works in Myanmar, Fiji, India, the Philippines, etc. We want to do feature episodes everywhere we currently work and everywhere we will eventually work — as well as featuring other great works like Iris Ministries, Chad Taylor among the Native Americans, Daniel Scalf’s ministry to the Middle East, Wesley and Stacey Campbell’s Be a Hero rescuing child soldiers, and much more.
So, Corey Pelton, Filmmaker, will be coming here to Korea after Christmas to film Scott and Rudia at a speaking engagement in the south of the country, as well as film around Seoul, at the DMZ, up on Mount Namhansanseong near our home, and other locations as Scott shares about the vision of the Ring of Fire, the Destiny of Nations, and Korea: Land of Destiny.
Then Scott and Corey will be flying to Thailand to meet with new partners there, as well as some contacts of Corey’s for a movie on human trafficking that he is producing. They will then fly to Cambodia where they will be filming at Soly’s orphanage and ministry focusing on the needs there!
We Need Your Prayers!
So we need ALL the prayer that we can get right now, for our worshipburgeoning ministries and this exciting new video project. If this series is picked up and promoted in North America, this could be huge for our ministries and many more! So pray, pray, pray! We need the amazing, huge favor of God!
In addition, we have many more potential partners asking us nearly every day to come visit them, minister and make connection. We also have many more plans and projects waiting in the wings needing our time and resources. Please Pray! We need LOTS of financial resources. So far we continue to fund all these projects with our small ministry budget put together from our own teaching salaries. But bigger things are ahead, and we need bigger provision. Let’s call it in! Thank you everyone for praying!
So, to put it all together… Please be praying for:
1. The new Ring of Fire Adventures TV program: grace, favor, open doors and financial resources to fully fund the project. For Scott and Corey as they travel, minister, and film in Korea, Thailand, and Cambodia through the month of January.
2. For Steven in his Bible translation work and the evangelization of his people, and a new opportunity for him to finish his work with a new University program in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
3. For Cambodia and the good work God is doing through Soly’s ministry there. Help Soly to fund and finish the Children’s Home and Education Center.
4. For Pastor Kyaw Kyaw and the Bible School in Lashio who also needs the funds to complete this project.
5. For Pastor Victor in South India, the House of Prayer meetings and the Pacific Gates Bible School there.
6. For BREAKTHROUGH in the areas of finance, Spirit power, wisdom!
 Let’s keep praying for the planting of God’s Kingdom in the earth! We bless you all!
With Love,
Scott, Dionne and Jonah

About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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