Pray for Korea! A Conversation about the Impeachment of the President

la-fg-south-korea-political-scandal-20161122Millions Turned Out to Protest

By J. Scott Husted

I live, work and minister in South Korea and so have had a ring-side seat to all of the turmoil going on for months over the President of this nation. I want to say that I never want to lift up the darkness, spreading fear and controversy, as some have been doing. Rather, I always choose to lift up the light. I only want to lift up Jesus. Yet at this time I feel an urgency to raise an alarm for the Body of Christ to PRAY!

“Q: I’ve heard negative comments about this lady (the impeached president of Korea). You seem to feel that she is being unjustly treated. Is this so?

“A: The press coverage was so extreme, angry, damning from the outset of this episode that I have not been able to separate out the hatred — and tell just what she actually did wrong. I have also talked with quite a few Koreans about it, and they all agreed that they couldn’t see what she had done illegally, but they were against her simply because they didn’t like her! Christians have told me that the charges were serious, but nothing more than any other scandal that Korea and Korean presidents are always embroiled in. I want to make this point clear: God has always cautioned me to not get political wherever I go to minister. So I am not entering into the political question. The Korean courts found her guilty on their own political and legal points, and I do not refute that judgment.

However, I do feel an alarm about what looks like untoward influence from outside sources. Korea seems to enjoy being in the grip of one scandal or another. The difference is how things happened in this case. Accusations were made in the press that were so inflammatory that they were obviously bogus. This is why it was so difficult to ascertain just what the wrongdoing was. Because of the overheated accusations in the press, people began marching in the streets against her. Night after night the crowds of demonstrators grew. On closer inspection, it was reported that the massive demonstrations were organized by paid agitators. It was also reported that agents from North Korea were involved in the agitation against the president. Finally, it was rumored that the organizers were paid by activist groups, with the money linking back to — George Soros!

The Point: Please Pray!

My point is to ask everyone to pray for Korea at this crucial time! We are seeing something new arising on the scene among the nations of the world. The U.S. is being wracked by paid agitators who are being supported by a nexus of powers: the far left, a divisively inflammatory press, the liberal party, private players with immense funding power, and a clear direction from powerful globalists. They are pushing many social issues which are clearly anti-biblical, as well as centralized control on a one-world government scale. It is now not just the U.S. — other nations are being affected.

This comes with a few earmarks: liberal control of the media, as seen here in Korea; distortion and accusation coming out on a massive scale, seen here; paid agitators whipping up unrest based on the distortion and accusation, seen here; the media and universities pushing an unsavory social agenda, seen here; those same media and universities leveraging (manipulating?) the idealistic energy of the youth; a high level of organization through paid protestors and the funding organizations behind them; the list goes on…

Q: I see it also.

A: Well, here in Korea the liberal forces have overcome the government! This agenda and its efforts have now been successful in taking out a democratically elected government.

This looks to me like a grave signal for the democratic governments of the world.

We must pray that this nexus of forces will not continue to have their way in Korea!

This Korean governmental upset has been referred to as a “dress rehearsal” for these forces to push their agenda in a takeover bid in countries throughout the world.

Q: So, too, in Canada. Yesterday Justin Trudeau gave another $650 million towards abortion overseas.

A: It is now not just a besetting problem for the U.S. The ultra-liberal nexus sent advisors to influence British elections… they helped to elect an ultra-liberal candidate in Canada… they tried to oust Netanyahu in Israel… and they have now effectively ousted the democratically elected government here in South Korea. As you point out, this is now an international political effort. Dionne and I have stood here in Korea calling the nation to its Divine End-time destiny: this nation is being called to be an independent, overtly Kingdom-of-God nation. This is in stark contrast with these current forces of ideological domination and political control.

Q: We’re hoping that the Lord has a “Trump card” for Canada and other countries. I’ll be praying for South Korea. It’s one of the countries the Lord has given me to pray for.

A: The enemy is fighting hard, and we need to pray that the darkness does not have its way! The dark powers may not orchestrate the times and seasons! The end of days will come when God brings them to fruition, and not before! God’s Kingdom establishment is germinating and taking root, but not springing up yet! Every nation, tribe and tongue has not heard the Gospel yet! We still are looking forward to the great end-time outpouring of God’s Spirit on all flesh! There is so much Kingdom work to be done — the enemy must not be allowed to usurp the work of God around the world!


A: Korea’s end-time destiny is a key to many other nations and their end-time destinies!

Q: Canada’s is for the healing of the Nations. What is South Korea’s ?

A: This startling political event raises a battle cry in me because it strikes at the very heart of the work we are called to do out here among the nations. We are charged with discerning where God wants us to go to call Christians up with a challenge to take hold of the end-time Destiny of their nation. God has key cities, regions and nations in mind — they must be called to respond!

South Korea’s end-time Destiny is to bring the power of the Restoration of the Brothers. It will happen here — a worldwide move of God that will make the separated brothers One in God’s Hand!

North and South Korea ONE!

Denominational boundaries disappearing and the church made ONE!

Believing Protestants and Catholics ONE! The Brothers will become one. Believing brothers from every walk and label will be released to walk as one!

Q: Yes !

A: The Church and Israel ONE!

The miracle will start here in Korea and move from here around the world. At this point we need to pray!

Q: Yes, we need to pray.

A: The plan of the enemy is raging around the world, and the church holds the key: PRAY that God’s Kingdom will come, and only HIS WILL to be done in Korea, and in these world events!

We are living in a precipitous day and hour in which the Bride cannot afford to sleep any more. We must ARISE and SHINE at this time for the sake of the nations, and for the Kingdom of God in the earth!  I Peter 4:7 & 8

About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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2 Responses to Pray for Korea! A Conversation about the Impeachment of the President

  1. wadee says:

    His kingdom come, His will be done in Korea in Jesus mighty name Amen

    ส่งจาก iPad ของฉัน

    เมื่อ 16 มี.ค. 2560 เวลา 14:18 J. Scott Husted — Through the Veil เขียน:

    > >

  2. There is without question a global spiritual shift taking place. I think there are might fallen angels like the Prince of Persia targeting Western democracies, seeking to influence their leaders.These are territorial angels who defend Satan’s interests.
    In my pastoral prayer every Sunday morning, I focus on these matters, naming several nations. I will add South Korea to that list. We are also doing fasting throughout this Lent season on that issue. Be encouraged, keep up the good work.

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