Pray for The Upcoming Korea Summits!

30709205_1525855280858671_4779241411428217861_nAn Emergency Prayer Strike

Last Saturday we were invited to help lead an emergency prayer gathering sponsored by the DMZ Mission at the DMZ — for North and South Korea, and the coming summit meetings. As you may know, the Korean De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) has stood as the dividing line between North Korea and South Korea for 70 years. It is a heavily armed border, and the point of meeting between high ranking officials from both sides.

This Friday is the beginning of a meeting between the presidents from North and South Korea, in preparation for the coming meeting between Kim Jong Un and President Trump in late May or early June. Many here in South Korea feel the urgency to pray that God’s order will restrain every move in this process. We are lifting up God’s rule and reign, and praying that only His plans will unfold over this time.

Our first session on Saturday was at a beautiful sound studio in the mountains next to the DMZ line. During the morning there we had an amazing worship time, a time of Spirit-led intercession and Scott preached about God’s destiny for Korea as a land of visitation for the power of unity.

We were awed by our Great God throughout the day. We met so many wonderful people;30724838_10155186396441050_1420621576306425856_n we met our first North Korean refugee and were privileged to hear her story. There were several North Koreans in attendance, but we couldn’t take any pictures of them because it is not safe for them to be filmed. We came away from the whole event humbled, and with the question: Who are we that you would give us the honor and privilege to do such an amazing work for you, God? We are grateful to tears!

In the afternoon we had a session in the Peace Park between the two Koreas. We worshiped, prayed together, proclaimed God’s rulership over the whole nation, shared testimonies and released God’s angelic armies. We released and dispatched angels reserved for this very hour in history to come to Korea to fight and win the battle for the reunification of this nation as one land INTO GOD’S HAND ALONE!

We were further honored and privileged by being given permission to ring the freedom bell at the DMZ. We had a practice run and then rang it 8 more times for new beginnings over the land, declaring a different proclamation over the whole land with each ring: unity, restoration, revival, healing, etc.

The North and South Korean Presidents will be making a public appearance together at the DMZ in the exact location where we worshiped, declared and released the angels. Their summit begins on Friday. Many have said that North Korea is planning a trap to enact their own purposes through this. The current South Korean president makes it clear that he is socialist, and will back plans to reunite under a socialist regime. The back room plans may be dark, but our God is bigger! God can and will have His way as we seek His power and Presence to make the difference in the negotiations. Dionne is fasting and praying, and we will be praying all this week. Please help us pray!


The air pollution from China had been very bad for days leading up to the Saturday event. Scott declared in faith during the morning intercession time that the air would be cleaned – and the air quality cleared from 174 ppm down to a low of 17 by the time of the afternoon session in the DMZ Peace Park!

Scott asked the DMZ Mission if they could arrange a videographer for the event, but they later said that they couldn’t. Even so, a videographer showed up with all of his equipment, led by the Spirit, set up and filmed the whole thing!

The South Korean Authority at the DMZ gave our gathering permission to ring the Peace Bell – we rang it 8 times for Korea’s new beginning!

Dionne released Angels into their assignments, and afterward there were clouds that looked like flying angels!

Pray With Us!

  • Pray that God’s order will restrain every move in this coming negotiation process. Lift up God’s rule and reign over this nation, and pray that only GOD’s plans and purposes will unfold.
  • Pray that God will bring everything to the light around these upcoming meetings, and let heaven’s justice come into the earth as it is in heaven in Jesus’ name!
  • Pray that God’s Kingdom will break through in both the North and the South.
  • Pray that only God’s rule and reign will prevail in the reuniting of this peninsula!
  • Pray together for a renewed BAPTISM OF FIRE over our lives and ministries! We are in the season of the Counting of the Omer, between Passover & Pentecost. This is an important season when Jesus walked with His followers for 40 days and then told his disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit. Ten days later God sent His Spirit in fire! We need to be tarrying in His Presence during this time. God wants to RELEASE His Fire upon us and upon our ministries! Our evangelism needs to be infused with Holy Ghost BOLDNESS! We need God’s miracles, signs, wonders and provision following us as we GO!31102422_1526578230786376_1547911333157520789_n

About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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1 Response to Pray for The Upcoming Korea Summits!

  1. Scott, I have been thinking about your ministry as the events of this past week have unfolded.
    These are days far beyond our expectation and understanding. Glory to Yeshua, the Most High God. Praying wisdom and grace for you, Dionne and your team. In the love of Christ, Deborah

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