It’s Happening Now!

2015-12-07 07.17.08I want to tell everyone: It is Happening Now! It is everything that we have worked for, everything that we have believed for! I am seeing the first glimmers in the Spirit, and in the earth! It is beginning!


I was sent to Japan in the middle of my final exams last month. Many of you were praying — if you didn’t know about it, please message me and I will add you to the TTV prayer lists, where you will get more frequent and personal updates on all that we are doing — if you will commit to PRAY FOR US!

The trip to Japan was so beautiful! I can tell you that God has some amazing plans for Japan! Japan will be saved in a beautiful move of God! The beginning indications are just starting to show, like the buds on the cherry trees even when the snow is still falling. I will tell you, God’s plans for Japan are beautiful and exacting. He is a God of Salvation, and that salvation will fall all over Japan!

While I was there I connected with the YWAM Tokyo team and they are a sweet troupe of AMAZING new friends! I also connected with Jennifer Gracey, the director of The Altar HOP Tokyo. She is also a great friend, and has invited Dee and I to participate in a worship and prayer outreach on the streets of Tokyo in October. It was wonderful to see Stacey Campbell, our soon-to-be family. We got to touch bases, and she promoted me in a warm and wonderful way among leaders there.

But meeting John Dawson again after so many years was the highlight of my trip. I gave him Through the Veil’s most recent annual report, and he lovingly received me as an old friend. I was astonished as he preached the message of the Destiny of Nations. This has been my main message for a number of years now. When I asked for his continued teaching and guidance, he laid hands on me and did a spectacular impartation on the spot! It was a seminal moment for me — John was my mentor at sixteen when he took me on my first missions trip, and again at 20 when I was in his Discipleship Training School. So long ago…


New life is bubbling up here in Korea. God has not forgotten Korea — ALL of Korea! He is brooding over this land, and idols of religion and money are beginning to shake!God WILL make the brothers one — as one staff in His hand! ALL of Korea will experience His hand of deliverance, and no one else will be able to heal the land — not governments, not politicians, not the U.N. God Himself will bring the Koreas into freedom and unity in His plan!

I have been doing three-day leadership seminars on the House of Prayer in the South of the country, in Daegu and Busan for a couple of years now. After presenting again for a group of pastors and leaders a couple of weeks ago they all agreed that we need to plant a House of Prayer in Busan that is open to all churches. What a breath of fresh air this is for me! Korean churches have so far been so competitive and jealous of one another it has been impossible to build something that everyone can join in. I had all but given up on the church in South Korea, and had pointed all of our continuing efforts here toward North Korea. BUT GOD HAS NOT GIVEN UP on South Korea!

We are now in the process of setting up meetings with key pastors in Busan, and will talk in August about the possibility of worshiping, interceding, and bringing the light of revelation TOGETHER! with a broad representation of the churches in Busan in a move of unity! Setting up the House of Prayer for ALL NATIONS! ALL CHURCHES! ALL PEOPLE! Bless God! Please pray for this effort — this has been a twelve-year journey — you have no idea how impossible this is here. But with GOD, all things are possible!

Lashio, Myanmar

God has a heart for the least! God has a heart for the poor and humble… His spirit lies close to the destitute. I am flying out tomorrow on my way to Lashio in North Shan State, Myanmar. I will be meeting with Pastor Kyaw Kyaw and teaching at Shan Regional Evangelical Bible Institute — SREBI. SREBI is strategically positioned with the mountainous hill tribe areas of northern Myanmar all around. They reach out with Bible training and training in Christian service to individuals from reached and unreached people groups which stretch from northern Myanmar into Thailand, Laos, China, Assam, Bhutan, Tibet…

While I am there we will be discussing SREBI’s new facilities and expanding the programs there. SREBI has allied with Pacific Gates Education for assistance in developing their Bible School. Even further, all of our partners in Southeast Asia are interested in building Christian schools and a Bible College. So please pray as I go, that Pacific Gates Education can effectively help existing Christian schools and quickly plant new ones that will expand the Kingdom in individuals, families, clans, tribes and nations! Education is so desperately needed in this part of the world.

Your prayers and gifts go so far in making possible all that we do. We continue to give virtually all of our own time, resources and energy to establish the Kingdom of God among the most in need here in Asia. Thank you again for partnering with us — I pray that God send His Wild Blessings crashing in on us all!

With love,

Scott, Dionne and Jonah

About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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  1. Excellent work indeed! May your health be good, and may the work continue to grow to the glory of God.

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