The Conference — A Prophetic Dream


Two nights ago I had a dream that I was at a conference. It was more like a huge family gathering. At this conference the speakers were projected on a gigantic screen in front of a vast private meeting room like in a fancy resort — but no one was watching. Crowds and crowds of people were there, I would say many thousands, in the meeting room and down the hall and out into dining rooms and patios and lounges tastefully ranged all around. The thousands of people were there — they were attending the conference — but they were all talking and laughing, chatting and having coffee, doing business, buying and selling things, performing tricks or doing standup comedy, and much more. Everyone was involved in all kinds of things.

No one was watching the conference proceedings, and it was noisy! In the midst of the hubbub James Goll got up on the screen and started to make an impassioned speech. I started crying out, “Quiet down! Everyone, please quiet down!” But my cries only added to the roar. They were swallowed up in the din, and no one heard me.

James Goll was up on the giant screen saying, as far as I could tell because of the noise, “…help build the cities of refuge… we need your help… the cities of refuge will be… it is so important… you will need to be strong, full of courage, willing to do anything that the Lord requires… unprecedented opportunity… sign up today… more information… just fill out the card… or write to… urgent work of God… go build the cities of refuge today… ”

I ran down to the front, up to this crazy giant screen that towered over my head to try and hear what James was saying, but it didn’t help. As I was standing in front of the screen I turned to the crowd and began shouting, “Turn up the sound! Everybody, Quiet down and listen! This is important! Somebody turn the sound up so we can all hear!” My exhortations were simply swallowed up in the tumult. The crowds of thousands were totally preoccupied, and doing their own thing. I was the only one who seemed to hear, the only one who responded, but I didn’t know what to do or how to do it because of the disinterested uproar.

Habakkuk’s Complaint

When I awoke I was overcome by the urgency of the dream. I began to cry out in prayer for the people. I cried out for the lost — who was concerned with them during all this? I cried out for the work of God in the Earth.

In the midst of my intercession God directed me to the book of Habakkuk. As I read, I strongly identified with Habakkuk’s prayer:How long, Lord, must I call for help, but you do not listen?” Hab.1:2. It might sound shocking, but sometimes we, His servants, feel this way in the midst of the pressures here on earth, and the demands of the passage of time. But I know this portion of scripture. God is not hampered in any way by sin, or the action of evil in the earth!

Yet this truth simply adds fuel to my own fire: If God can do what He wants to do, unhampered by the evil in the world, why isn’t He moving Heaven and Earth to bring His answer? He has called me to build cities of refuge around the Pacific Rim. I have been following Him in this calling for twenty years. That feels like a long time to me. There are those who have come alongside in this work, but where are those who can help make it happen?

The Lord’s Answer

But God does answer: “Look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told” Hab. 1:5. He seems to indicate that He has everything lined up, and He’s about to do something BIG! But this is what He told me twenty years ago. I set out with excitement to follow this, His path, leaving all other paths.This was when I gave up all other plans to pursue this plan, His plan. Ok, it’s gonna be really amazing… but when?

In Chapter 2, God’s answer continues: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it” Hab. 2:2. Ok. That’s what You said twenty years ago, and that’s what I have done to the best of my ability… Twenty years later I have written the vision into three books, two business plans, three proposals… I have built a US nonprofit and an international one, an education foundation and an international business entity, all dedicated to realizing this specific vision. I have talked to everyone I know about the vision. I have sent my books to leaders around the world. I’ve built websites and designed products. I have given the pitch to famous people and investors. Most importantly, I’ve stayed in the Secret Place, waiting on Him. God has called us, as His people, to join Him in His work. It is His people who can either run with the plan of God, or hamper its progress in the Earth. That’s a huge responsibility that we don’t seem to take seriously in the Church today.

Twenty years ago I stopped there with God’s instructions, and immediately began to write it down. But this time I read on. His continuing reply is more specific than I could even have asked: For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay” Hab. 2:3. Yes. This revelation, this plan is for a specific time. This plan to establish cities of refuge with the house of prayer at their core is for the end times. This specific plan speaks of the end. How could He be more clear than this?

His comfort and encouragement go deep. “This plan will not prove false.” Even though it has gone through two house of prayer plants, three school plants, numerous house church plants, two regional revivals, a church breakup, unjust accusations to the right and to the left, co-laborers falling away into apostasy… each time believing God again, and starting from scratch: He says that this plan will not prove false! I stand in gratitude and incredulity. I stand humbled. 

God continues: “Though it seems to be taking its time, wait for it.” This plan of God is certainly worth waiting for. It’s so big, so beautiful, so giving; it’s so loving and kind that it seems unlikely that human beings can ever accomplish it. Yet God is saying hold on. HOLD ON! “Wait for My plan, because it… will… certainly… come.” God is saying that He is doing this. It is certainly going to be planted in the Earth. And it’s going to be great. It may seem like it is taking its time, but it will not delay. It will come, and it will be right on time. To the minute, on the day, according to God’s calendar, not mine. 

Okay, That’s all I need. I can keep pushing forward. God is going to do this!

For the full plan of the vision God has called me to, as applied to Fijian tribal people, go to



About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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One Response to The Conference — A Prophetic Dream

  1. donald pirl says:

    I’m with you, Scott. We have a vision for communities in the coming days too. Hope to share with you in person.

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