3 Keys to Establishing the Kingdom of God

Holy spirit fire 2Worship, intercession and revelation, when used together, are the foundation stones of Kingdom practice. This is true in the House of Prayer particularly, but it is equally true for any establishment of the Kingdom of God. These are strategic arrows of fire in the hands and mouths of God’s priesthood, just waiting to be let fly to transform our lives, our cities and our nations.

When intercession and worship are woven together they create a powerful force that can push back darkness and provide a space of spiritual safety. This is where the very Presence of the Most High can manifest among His people. Intercession in worship can break us through into higher and deeper places with God, while revelation shows us where and how to move. Worship compels us into these new areas through the power of the exaltation of the throne of God.


Worship isn’t just singing a few songs. It can be manifested in anything that we do, any time at all. Worship is a heart focused on God – lifting Him up as all that He is. Worship is a focused state of the heart, mind, soul and spirit; focused on who God is, ruling on His throne, embodied in the person of Jesus, Who Is with us, in us, and eager to work through us. Worship is an act of love, laying down ourselves in order to lift Him up instead.

Worship is adoration, thanksgiving, praise, and a recognition that He is ALL in ALL. This is the priestly service of entering in to the most holy place with the blood of the lamb. We most easily enter into worship in meditation; or by a deep time in His word; or through dance, art, poetry, painting, and most commonly through song. Worship may start as a feeling, but more than a feeling, it is an expression of our love to God.


The simplest definition of intercession is “to go between”, or to “stand in the gap”. Intercession is the ability to help carry another’s burden in prayer, to stand between the people of God and the opposing enemy in prayer, or to break through the chains that are holding back a person, region or nation. This is the priestly service of burning like incense before the throne of God. Intercession has the power to cause a breaking through into the heavenly realm, creating a clear space so that worship can do its job of enthroning Jesus.

Worship and intercession together opens the door to revelation, bringing us face to face with God’s Kingdom come and His will being done in the earth. Only when worship paves the way, only when intercession breaks us through into new heavenly territory, only when revelation brings us eyes to see and the impetus to move forward in establishing the Kingdom in our midst; only then can mercy and justice flow forth into the streets of our cities.

Revelation From the Word and the Spirit

As the incense of our worship and intercession goes up before His presence, He releases the lightning from His throne: He answers with power. Once we have entered into the heart of God in worship and intercession God responds. It is an overwhelming aspect of His great heart: He responds to us. God is the God Who Is, and who desires to be known. This is the priestly service of shining the light of revelation from God’s word, and from His Spirit.

This place of divine revelation is deeper than the mind of man. It is deeper and more powerful than our own thoughts or expressions. Most of the people of God have experienced this at one time or another, the times when biblical revelation fairly leaps out from the pages of the word, especially when we’ve been in a place of worship or profound prayer. This kind of “rhema” revelation is what we’re talking about here, whether it comes to us through the reading of the Bible, through a direct answer in prayer, through prophetic ministry, or through visions and dreams. Take hold of the rhema of God when it comes to you. Any time God speaks to us, the power is released from out of His throne to see His word accomplished. This rhema revelation from the heart of God is the light of the priestly work in the Holy Place, a light as though from the seven-branched lampstand in the presence of God.

When worship, intercession and revelation are woven together they form the virtual foundation stones of the Kingdom of God. Together they release a powerful force that can push back darkness and establish a space for the establishment of His throne. This is where God manifests Himself among His people. Worship leads the way. Intercession breaks through into higher and deeper places with God, while revelation shows us what to speak, where to go and what to do.

Worship, intercession and revelation are the means that God has given us, the church, to establish His throne in the earth. This is especially true of the House of Prayer, but it is true for every church, ministry or outreach. These are powerful, strategic arrows in the hands of God’s priesthood, just waiting to be let fly to transform our lives, our cities and our nations.

About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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