Ring of Fire Prayer Update, July 2013

PrintHey- I thought I’d update everyone as to what we’ve been doing in Korea, and how the Fiji project is going.

First off, we helped with the Iris Korea conference at the end of May. God is so awesome! We were on the worship team for the first two days of the conference, we served as leaders on the prayer team, we helped with some of the conference facilitation, and we did tons of prayer and prophetic ministry. Crowds of hungry people were hit by the love of God: they were healed of old wounds, we saw backs healed, a man with cancer touched by God, a girl with encephalitis from birth move her limbs and respond to our prayers — so many people responding in beautiful ways to the power of God that came and visited us there.

At the conference we were delighted to connect with Mel Tari, an amazing and dear-hearted minister from Malaysia; we got to spend some time with Rolland and Heidi Baker; and we were able to re-connect with Westley and Stacey Campbell, friends and prophetic leaders from our time in Canada. During the conference we were able to share about the Fiji project with these global leaders.

After this solid week working our jobs plus ministering at the conference – up early for work and ministering late every night — Scott went into finals week at the University. Finals, and then grading, charting grades, processing grades on the computer, and fielding student responses, is always a grueling time. Two weeks later Dionne went into finals with her high school students.

This brought us through to the middle of June, when we were invited to do another conference – this time in the middle of Korea, with Louwrenz Oberholtzer, our friend from South Africa. This was a healing conference, and God showed up in beautiful, powerful and refreshing ways. We saw many physical healings, but the most precious were the deep inner healings that God was doing among these dear Korean people. Louwrenz wants to take this kind of healing conference around the country, and has asked us to travel with him once or twice a month.

At the same time we’ve been setting up the nonprofit entity in Fiji. Named Pacific Hope, it will administer the micro-lending projects, cultivate the small business incubation programs as well as pursue social and spiritual outreach among the Fijian native people. Dionne and Scott are on the board, which is headed up by Semisi Naquica as President, and Gela Naqica as Vice President. They are long-term missionaries and native outreach specialists, and we think that this will be an excellent fit for them and the Fiji project. We are right now in the process of submitting all of the paperwork for the establishment of Pacific Hope to the government for final approval. We’re so excited!

So – things are moving ahead in Fiji, and things are also moving forward for us here in Korea. We’ve been asked to help do these healing conferences all over Korea, and we have been working with Norberto and Monica Sango to help set up an Iris Ministries base here. We’ve been leading worship at Iris gatherings as well as preaching, ministering and just being there for our dear friends Norberto and Monica. It has been very exciting to see the fledgling ministry growing up as we simply worship, pray, minister and share our lives. As a result, Scott has been invited to the Iris Global leadership gathering in Mozambique. He struggled with it at first because he really wanted to go, but we are somewhat over-committed with the Fiji project right now. We’ve given almost everything every month to see the Fiji project come to success, with the addition of plane tickets, government fees, helping our Fijian friends, and so much more. So Scott has this wonderful opportunity extended to him to step more fully into this Iris Korea relationship that God has led us into, and we can’t do anything in our own strength right now to follow through on the invitation.

So we are turning to you: can you help send Scott to the Iris Global leadership gathering? He only needs the plane ticket. We’ve never asked before, because we’ve always hoped you’d simply pray for us – but this time we feel challenged to ask for your help — and your prayers. Please help send Scott to the Iris Global leadership gathering! He would need to be on the plane in one week! If you can help, send donations right away through PayPal to Scott’s email address: throughtheveil1@yahoo.com.

Please Pray:

Pray that Pacific Hope will be registered in Fiji quickly and smoothly. Pray for favor over Pacific Hope, that it will attract every help and benefit for the establishment of the centers once it is registered.

Pray for the regional Healing conferences as they move forward throughout Korea this summer. Pray that many will come to be healed, filled and refreshed. Pray for fruit of the message for individual healing, area-wide healing, and national healing for North and South Korea.

Pray for the establishment of Iris Korea, that it will be blessed, anointed and empowered to challenge the people of South Korea. Pray for more hunger here, more desperation for the presence of God; and pray that Iris Korea will become more filled with His power, His anointing and His presence.

Pray for Jonah, our son, as he prepares for a mission to Micronesia. There are many unreached people groups scattered on small islands throughout the archipelago — people who will hear about Jesus for the first time through Jonah and his team. He has raised about half of the funds to pay for the team training phase – and he needs much more to cover the whole trip.

Please Pray for Scott, that God will move on hearts to send him to the Iris gathering in Mozambique. AND Please consider whether God would use you to help send him. Send donations through PayPal to his email address: throughtheveil1@yahoo.com!

As always, thank you so much for standing with us in prayer. We sometimes feel foolish, carrying these big visions and plans. But God has chosen the foolish things to shame the wise of this world. We just continue saying YES. Yes to His big plans. Yes to His big heart. He is able. GOD IS ABLE!

With love and blessing –

Scott, Dionne and Jonah Husted


About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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  1. I need ring prayer fire please

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