God is moving forward in Fiji — please pray!

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God sent us on a special mission

In February I took a break from the blog because God sent us on a special mission to the United States. I don’t know about you, but I usually have a good idea what’s on the agenda when I take a trip halfway around the world. But this time we seriously didn’t know at all what was in store for us!

It started after Christmas, and I was on Winter break. Semisi and Gela, missionaries to the Inuit and our partners in the Fiji project, were waiting out the worst of the Arctic winter in British Columbia. We were emailing back and forth — they don’t often have high-speed internet available to them where they live and work. God had connected them with a Fijian Pastor in B.C., and they were developing relationship with a Canadian tribal leader who really confirmed the Fiji project through several powerful prophetic words…

At the time, I got a strong feeling to encourage Semisi and Gela to go down to California while they8934_155710235425_615945425_3249170_3627220_n were on the West Coast, and speak at a Fijian church in our home town — one that has been praying for the Ring of Fire plan, and for us as well. So I wrote an email out of the blue, and it was a confirmation to them. The Fijian Pastor In B.C. was already connecting them with Fijian communities down the West Coast, most centered in California.

Then Dionne, Jonah and I were blessed with a sudden, unplanned, grace-filled trip to California during the month of February. Dionne’s sister is bravely battling cancer, and we thought we should take a quick trip back home to spend some time with family. That was our reason for going, but God had much more up His sleeve.

After we got to California and were able to spend some time with Dee’s family, we received an email from Semisi telling us that he and Gela had arrived in California too. Our short family trip was taking on a new purpose. So we met up with Semisi and Gela at Semisi’s elder sister’s house in Hayward – a sister that he hadn’t seen in 30 years. We visited with Semisi’s dear sister, praying with her and ministering to the heart of a woman who had lived in exile from her family, friends and country for decades. Next we brought Semisi and Gela back to Sonoma County and showed them our own native land. It was a wonderful time together.

Over the next weekend we attended two Fijian community gatherings in Sacramento where we shared, and Semisi preached on God’s plan to build the house of prayer in Fiji. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with each community pledging their support. The next weekend we shared at two different Fijian communities in Sonoma County. They also were excited for what God is doing in the Ring of Fire plan, and offered their support. We are hoping, with this new interest, to begin construction on the prayer houses as soon as the land leases go through. This kind of interest allows us to start with the prayer houses first, before anything else – on the mountain site, and then on the Vunatawa Village site on the beach.

To say the least, our California trip was exciting. Since then, Scott has finished two new websites. One is for the Ring of Fire project, http://ringoffireresorts.webs.com/. The other is to support the formation of a House of Prayer network: http://ringoffirehouseofprayernetwork.webs.com/. The plan for the Fiji project can also be found online in a dynamic format at: gust.com/c/ring_of_fire .

Also, while we were in California Scott got to do some work with the architect on site planning for the Vunatawa Village Center, the beachside Center in Fiji. It was a good thing that we did this work, because as the government paperwork and approvals have been moving forward they are now asking us for site plans on the property. The news is that the architect has completed a set of site plans and they are in the process of being submitted to the appropriate government offices in Fiji. Woot woot! Things are moving forward in Fiji!

Pray With Us!

Pray for the Fijian communities on the West coast of North America – from California to British Columbia. Pray that God will bless them. Pray that God will use them as they reach out into their cities and neighborhoods with the love of Christ. Pray that they will catch the heart of God’s plan for Fiji, and that they will be “blessed to invest” into the Ring of Fire plan.

Pray for the land acquisition process in Fiji. We have been relying on a friend and land consultant in Fiji, Wisea, to handle the paperwork and application processes for us. Recently Wise has had some personal and family difficulties – part of their house was destroyed and the grandmother’s leg was injured in a cyclone. This has resulted in hardship, loss of income and medical expenses that have made it hard for them in every area. Please pray that God will bring a breakthrough for Wise and his family. Pray that God will give them a good home to live in; pray that God will continue to supply all of their needs; pray for healing and wholeness for his mother-in law, who lives with them.  Pray also that the land process will continue moving forward, that it will be smooth and facilitated by the power of Heaven.

Finally, pray that God will bring the promised investment – and that He will give us the wisdom, ability and resources to pursue and attract the investment that God has promised to facilitate this, His plan.

God keeps doing great things as He moves forward with His plan in Fiji. Every day, every week, every month sees miracles of breakthrough and provision. We are not special people. But God has trained us in certain areas of expertise, and He has given us His plan to establish His house among tribal peoples around the Pacific Rim and elsewhere. We are small, but we have said YES to God… and He is doing this great work among us, for the people and the land. Please keep this project in your prayers!

About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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