Get Proactive! a prayer session for Establishing the Kingdom


 “Heaven is full of answers to prayer for Christians, which no one has ever bothered to ask for…”

– Billy Graham

Almost three years ago I came back to Korea for university job interviews. My wife and son had stayed back in the U.S. with her parents, and I was alone in this foreign country. It was one of the worst typhoon seasons on record — hot rain pouring down, 100 degrees Fahrenheit, 100 percent humidity, and I’m wandering through the deluge in a suit and tie with soggy university addresses in my hand. On top of all of this, the interviews just weren’t panning out.

A friend had let me stay in his tiny, empty office space. I would go there every day after the long, wet, hot trudge, lay on the floor, and cry out to God. I intended to cry out for a job — but more and more I found myself crying out for the thing I most truly wanted: the establishment of the Kingdom. One day I began to pray a prayer that was so powerful it jolted me, and I knew I had to write it down. From that time I began to pray through this prayer every day for the remaining weeks that I was in this steaming purgatory.

When I look back I can see that time as the foundation time, the planting time, for what God is doing in my life today. I am working at two universities, both jobs God set up for me by divine appointment during this time. I have helped since to establish the House of Prayer in Seoul — a major goal, and we are on our way to establishing the first HOP Center in Fiji. All of this because I cried out to God in a very difficult time, and from a very stuck place. That time was a preparation time for now; it was a time of sowing in The Spirit and in prayer for what God has brought about in my life today.

So if you find yourself in a stuck place, if your heart yearns for the establishment of the Kingdom, if you need God to come through in a big way — or all three — pray this prayer with me. I still pray it. God has brought me a long way since I first sowed in tears with this prayer, but I’m not perfected in it. I still haven’t seen the fullness of it in my life. So I still pray this powerful prayer forged in a crucible in my life. I think it could be powerful for your life too. Pray with me!

Get Proactive! A Prayer

God, give me what I need to be proactive in bringing Your Kingdom vision into reality in this realm.

  • Give me the ability, power and anointing
  • Give me the funding
  • Give me the connections

Make me a member of a TEAM – one that can corporately develop the vision further and act together to make it happen.

Teach me how to access the Kingdom power available to me through Christ:

  • Teach me how to speak into being that which is not.
  • Teach me how to take up unclaimed mantles available to me: those unclaimed by my generation, those unclaimed by my family, and those unused through my generations down through history. I take up mantles of Spiritual anointing; I take up mantles of leadership; and I take up mantles of wealth.
  • Teach me how to give assisting angels their commissions.
  • Teach me how to access your riches in Glory available to me in your Heavenly bank.
  • Teach me how to walk in signs and wonders every day.
  • Teach me how to take possession of the land, and how to raise up the people of the land.
  • Teach me how to walk as a priest and king right now.
  • Teach me how to walk as a son; about my Father’s business.
  • Teach me to take up the nations as my inheritance.

I claim every one of your Promises, God – I Kings 18:41-46.

  • I have separated myself, holy to you: vs. 42.
  • I humble myself before you: vs. 42.
  • I am praying specifically: vs. 43.
  • I am not giving up: vs. 43.
  • I expect you to answer! Vs. 44.

I have seen your Kingdom vision in the Spirit, and I am praying it into being. I will not give up! I expect You to answer, God, even if there is no indication of it in the realm that I see.

For only You are worthy, only You are holy — You are the God of the Universe, and You will bring all of Your plans to completion! You will fulfill all of Your promises to me, Oh God, because You are Almighty, You are Faithful, and You always keep Your word. Bring me into Your plans, and fulfill Your word to me. I thank You for it.


About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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