Fiji Project Update — Sowing Seed

When we got back to Korea, God was telling both Dionne and I very definitely that we need to push forward right now by sowing seed into the individual lives in Fiji that are ready to begin, each in their small way. This will be a way to begin the plan — if only in the lives of these individuals and families. It will also be a way to plant faith seed and believe for multiplication in Fiji! So please pray for us as Dionne and I make the selections for the first of these seed projects. It will mean a lot to the Fijians who are working and praying with us toward God’s goal.

With the instructions for the seed project ringing in our ears, Dionne and I have been praying for advancement, multiplication, and increase over our own teaching salaries here in Korea, so that we will have more to put into God’s plan. Well, shortly after we prayed I got a call from Kyung Hee University, one of the top universities in Korea. They asked me to come on board for two classes while I stayed with my regular full-time schedule at Shingu University. So now I’m working at two Universities here, and will use the increase to go toward the project. Pray for blessing over my work and relationship with the new program, as they have expressed interest in helping with the plan in order to partner in planting university level business programs at the centers.

I’ve launched four new websites full of products that I hope God will bless to raise funds for the project. I’ve been giving the proceeds of my book to help support the project for the last year, and I’ve built these other websites in order to do the same. One, Synchronicity Press, is a site full of art t-shirts. No particular theme, just cool shirt designs. Another, Fire of Love, is a Christian t-shirt site full of new designs with a message. Another, FijiShop, is a site full of all kinds of gift items that have tropical designs, and designs about the project in Fiji. My favorite is a site full of custom fabrics, FlyingFish Designs. I’ve built the sites, done all of the designs in each site, and put it out there for God to bless. All of the proceeds will go to the project. Take a look. Here are the links:

Synchronicity Press:

Fire of Love:



Lastly, God has been telling Dionne and I that He’s going to bring the investment we need for this project. For me it started with the words about the Queen of Sheba, but God has been confirming this message over and over again to us: through His word, through people, and through circumstances. He has confirmed it yet again in a powerful way through our dear friends Norberto and Monica Sango. Please pray that the investment will come in, that God’s plan will be accomplished — through us, for Fiji.

Will you help support us, and pray for this project? We’re at a pressing point — aren’t we all right now? But God is moving in and through us to see His promise, His plan accomplished. We will not faint in doing this, and I pray that we all will double down our efforts at this time.

Please pray:

  • For blessing and multiplication on the seed projects.
  • For continued blessing on Korea, that God will make all the connections from Korea that He has planned, in order to fund and support His plan in Fiji and beyond.
  • That God will bless the websites with promotion, increase and sales — in order to begin a flow of provision for the project.
  • That God will bring the wealth and investment that He has in mind. God knows who, what, and how much — we just need to persevere in prayer to see it come to reality!

God Bless you during this crucial time — overflowing and flooding your life!

About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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