A Strategy for the People of the Land – Part III

All of these pictures, words and scriptures agree together to confirm a strategy for establishing the Kingdom of God in the land, and for the people of the land, in a greater and more dramatic way than ever before. The strategy is a plan of lifting up the rule and reign of Christ, which will open the door to reconciliation and healing: within the Body of Christ, within families, between non-native and native people, and throughout the land. This will spark a wave of redemption that will result in many saved all across the local communities. If, then, the established community of Christ can serve the native peoples to begin to take up God’s destiny for their lives, the destiny of the entire area will begin to come forth. The answer is healing, and I think that the destiny may well involve healing on a much broader scale than we see today.

-Prayer is key to the whole redemptive progression. Individuals who have a heart for the land must begin to pray for the area.

-The next key is connection. Individuals from any and every group that claims the name of Christ must be called together to pray. The House of Prayer becomes vital to God’s strategy.

-Pray the preparation of the Bride in the land; for the land and the people. Pray connection and unity among the church. Pray healing and unity between fathers and children, mothers and daughters and extended family. Pray healing and reconciliation between the non-native and the First peoples. Pray healing of injustice over the land. The establishment of a house of prayer in a neutral spot, and actively open to all groups will be necessary to establish this work.

-The next step will be walking out your prayers with lives of reconciliation and restoration. There is no need to make it happen, however, because God has said that He will do it. That’s the great thing: God has said that He will do it. God will fulfill His promises to you, to the land, and to the people of the land if you will pray and let Him take the lid off of your lives, your churches, your communities, and fill them with His light.

This kind of ministry is happening in the world today. My friend, Semisi Naqica, is the International Director of a unique ministry called “The Healing of the Land”. They have worked with tribal groups in Fiji, Nunavut Canada, and elsewhere, leading the people of the land through a process of discovery, repentance and restoration. We at Ring of Fire House of Prayer Centers are partnering with this pivotal work to help establish prayer centers; these will give this work a permanent home and help to bring it forward into full fruition for the land, the people of the land and all the peoples in an area.

There is an emphasis that is arising in the Spirit worldwide, an emphasis on the people of the land. Everywhere we go God has been highlighting the native peoples — and they are so often marginalized in the land of their own inheritance: in Fiji, among the Inuit of Canada, in South and Central America, in Africa, in the U.S…

Christians in places all over the world have cried out to God, asking Him to bless their nations and bring their land into its destiny of peace, fruitfulness and abundance. In response, God is spotlighting the indigenous peoples and saying, “The key to the land is the People of the Land!” …and He’s commissioned us to bring an answer through repentance, restoration and the establishment of the House of His Presence.

About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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2 Responses to A Strategy for the People of the Land – Part III

  1. Roger Armbruster says:

    This was written on June 19, 2012. Have you been able maintain contact with Semisi Naqica since then? He worked with me in Canada between April, 2008 and April, 2009, but would like to know more about the ministry of which he is the International Director of a unique ministry called “The Healing of the Land”. Do you have the names of others who are involved with this ministry? Are they connected to the Healing the Land ministry that flows out of Fiji? Blessings, Roger Armbruster

    • jscotthusted says:

      Yes, Roger-
      We are partnered together: Ring of Fire, Healing of the Land and Through the Veil; and we’ve been setting up a nonprofit out of Fiji: Pacific Hope. The Ring of Fire centers are envisioned as permanent establishments for the ongoing work of the Healing of the Land ministry, with House of Prayer community, spiritual and economic outreach, education/training and more. You can email me at: throughtheveil1@yahoo.com. Did we meet at The War Room in Kelowna?

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