Ring of Fire House of Prayer Centers — coming to reality in Fiji!

When I was a young man, my first work experiences were working for some pretty amazing four and five star Hospitality businesses in the Napa Valley. They were formative years, where I learned the value of a genuine human connection, superior standards, meeting the need fully, and doing it all with the highest quality. Thereafter I went into the field of Education, yet brought with me the same commitment to quality and genuine human caring.

Along the way I worked with many community service groups in both volunteer and official capacities. I eventually founded Through The Veil, an NGO dedicated to improving the lives of people, especially children, through education. Through my classroom teaching and humanitarian work I channeled my motivation to reach out with genuine human caring and see lives changed – especially for those ensnared in life’s most difficult situations.

I began to see that people in the most desperate need could change their situation and succeed in life if they were able to access a few simple resources: emotional and spiritual support, the education they need, and a stable economic foundation. Any one of these could make the difference for many, but what scale of help and health might we initiate if we could build a framework that would foster growth in all of these areas?

I saw, first hand through my service work, that building community and the power of prayer are key to emotional and spiritual support for individuals — and my wife and I have always formed supportive communities wherever we’ve gone in the world. But if you could add to that the training and education people lack, you could begin to make a difference for a larger number of people. If, further, you could build an open yet supportive economic platform that would enable the most needy to begin to help themselves through their own efforts, you could begin to change a neighborhood… and then a city.

So, after I finished my Master’s Degree in Education, my wife and I began building communities and schools; and we have cultivated inter-denominational houses of prayer both separately, and as a function of some of the communities. The results we’ve seen in California, Canada and South Korea have been phenomenal – both in individual lives and in the lives of the groups we’ve served. What’s more, we have often begun to see positive change throughout a neighborhood and into the rest of the city, as a result of our efforts.

The vision, as it has developed to this point, is to put the house of prayer, education, economic, spiritual and social outreach — all planted and working together — in areas within second and third-world countries around the Pacific Rim. We are targeting locations in Fiji, Thailand, the Philippines, and Chile to begin with. The vision is to build communities of people who believe in this kind of change, and offer the training and education they need. We’ll strengthen these efforts with a micro-lending function and community outreach projects which will allow people the chance to help themselves. We’ll support the whole with a value for ongoing community and the transforming power of the house of prayer. We plan to wrap the whole thing in a high quality hospitality destination setting which will offer a supportive home-base and an exciting and stimulating venue that will be mutually beneficial for every function. This is a social business concept, and as such has the potential to make a healthy profit – but for the purpose of personal and community transformation.

I have over thirty years of training and experience in every aspect of this vision: I have ten years’ experience with top-echelon hospitality businesses; I have been an educator, program and curriculum developer for twenty years; I have been the Executive Director of an NGO based in California for ten years; I have planted schools, training programs and houses of prayer. My wife and I have developed supportive communities in three countries. I am now Professor of Education at Shingu University, Korea. We’ve seen the idea work in various configurations. We want to take it now to the next level. Join us as we take this exciting step! The reality is beginning to take shape in Fiji! For more information you can get a copy of my book from the publisher here. Or you can go to the online project plan at: gust.com/c/ring_of_fire .

Bless God! He is planting His Kingdom in the Earth! Please pray for us as we move forward in this exciting project.


About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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4 Responses to Ring of Fire House of Prayer Centers — coming to reality in Fiji!

  1. So grateful to be a sharing this journey with you!

  2. Bulituraga says:

    Yes we are the family partner in the Lord expecting and believing God for this awesome mighty project of God to be fulfilled as being reveled through prophesy and visions and it MUST come to pass!!!

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