A 9/11 Word on September 11, 2011 — The Time of Casting Down of Thrones

A reader of my book, The Establishment, had some difficulty with one of the statements in the book — and had the courage, but also the kindness to email me about it. The statement was, “…this is a time of the tearing down of thrones”. The statement as it stands in the book is only partially explained. The reader wondered how it could apply to rightful authority, specifically the authority we have as the Body of Christ in the Earth. I had started to write the book by 9/11 2001. I saw the shaking going on. The statement was prophetic in that it was certainly true at the time it was written, but so much more true now, ten years later.

My Spirit has been grieved for nearly all of my life over the abrogations of the Kingdom of God being set up and promoted on every street corner — in the name of the Kingdom. I have watched and wept as so many pastors and ministers set up their own personal thrones and went about promoting their own personal kingdoms. This is a grave error within the Western church that we have exported to the church worldwide. This is part of an Anti-Christ Spirit present in the Western church since Constantine; men setting themselves up as little god-caesars and enforcing their views with a false hierarchy that is not biblical, and is not the gospel of Christ. This heinous evil has been set up over nations, in local governments, and even within the Church. These are the thrones I referred to.

BUT a genuine Kingdom effort cannot be like that. If it is not dedicated to only ONE throne, only ONE Kingdom, it is doomed to failure. It must be based on the Heavenly pattern of Christ enthroned at the right hand of His Father, with every other function revolving around that central HEAD! Christ as the Head… no man, no other power or authority. I hope you can understand the absolute need for the supremacy of CHRIST in this before I can say anything else. (Selah!)

Now, we could end there and be absolutely correct. But God is so gracious in His desire that we should play a part. We’re not worthy, but He has made the way because He LOVES us so, and He wants us to rule and reign with Him. Jesus died for this. It’s beyond my comprehension, but that is His great desire. So in that same heavenly pattern we see 24 smaller thrones. These are for the 12 tribal leaders of Israel, and the 12 apostolic leaders of the church. One in the council of Heaven. But these thrones are not for the glorification of the Elders, even though these Elders are high and lifted up with power and authority in heavenly realms. What do they do with their kingship? They throw it down. They throw their crowns down at His feet. Not once, but over and over!!! This is the casting down of thrones. The casting down of false thrones into the pit, and the casting down of legitimate thrones at His feet — that He may receive ALL the power, ALL the Glory, ALL the majesty, ALL the Splendor, ALL the … Holy, Holy, Holy!!! It takes me right into the Heavenly Throne room! These thrones are not for us, they’re for Him!

Now, that doesn’t mean that we, as men of authority in the Kingdom of God, reject our authority. No — but it does mean that we are not building our own kingdoms! It means that we give over our own rightful power and authority every day to Him! We’re called to steward the authority He gives us on Earth with open hands — we’re called to stand in authority, all the while casting our thrones at His feet, in order to build His Kingdom — not ours — in the Earth!

I hope that you can now understand more fully what I meant by the time of casting down of thrones. It’s the time that we are living in. It’s a time of shaking, and false thrones are coming down. 9/11 was an example from the beginning of this era in history. The worldwide credit crash, Mubarak and Kaddhafi are more recent examples. Don’t set up your own throne — don’t spend your time and effort merely to set up your own kingdom!  Kaddhafi is an excellent example — but the little Kaddhafis in pulpits and ministries all across the world have been feeling the shaking too. I don’t want to be a Kaddhafi — I want to be a heavenly Elder, casting down my crown — and my throne — before the feet of my most beloved. Only He is worthy. …and He’s coming back to claim His kingdom!


About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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One Response to A 9/11 Word on September 11, 2011 — The Time of Casting Down of Thrones

  1. Joan Massey says:

    Awesome Word – very timely. Like “apples of gold in settings of silver”, also very encouraging. There is one church model I have seen that holds up this standard, and it is a small Church in a small city called Nelson in Southeastern BC. They feel so strongly that it is not about elevating one person to a “throne” of leadership, or building personal kingdoms, that they have a team of three Elders who lead the Church with another group of leaders under them, much like a House-Church model from New Testament days. It works very, very well and has for many years. I sometimes find myself wishing for more congregations to follow this lead – and what a paradigm shift that would be! What a change in our thinking that would demonstrate…. it really, totally, absolutely, always – is about Him.

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