It’s Happening! part 2 – the Mission

Most recently God has filled out with more detail much of the vision that I have carried. He’s shown me both in prayer, and through strategic connections, that the vision I have carried and worked toward for twelve years is for the establishment of teaching and equipping centers that will operate with the house of prayer at their core; they will raise up people who have hearts sold out to God and for the nations, and then help to send them into strategic outreach to their cities, their regions and to the world. Toward the realization of this mission I have built a U.S. non-profit organization, Through the Veil Ministries, dedicated to planting these centers; I have continued teaching from the house of prayer training school; I have written the book, The Establishment: the fallen tent of David and God’s end-time house of prayer which details this vision; and I have been living and working internationally to begin to see the vision come to reality. For years God has shown me so much of the plan for this establishment – God has equipped me with the experience and skill to begin – and I have faithfully carried forward the vision — now I feel that God is asking me to give myself fully to the task.

            You see, these centers must be planted in order that God’s end-time plan will be facilitated. Right now, these centers must be planted to call Christians up worldwide and teach them that there is a deeper purpose that God is calling us to. They need to be planted to equip groups of believers to go to the profound power of the One Thing, the relationship that God is seeking with us, so that we can be radically changed and empowered to do the things Jesus said that we will do. They need to be planted so that empowered men and women will come to these centers to effect change in heavenly places, and go from these centers to effect that change in their world. These centers will be established as outposts of Heaven’s Kingdom on Earth.

But, further, these centers must be established in key cities around the world because God has promised a massive global revival and harvest in Habakkuk 2:14, Isaiah 60:1-5, Acts 2:17, and many other passages throughout the Bible. These centers will be necessary to this end-time move of God as staging areas for this prophesied outpouring, as mobilization centers for the massive work to move out from, and as supply centers for ongoing activation and provisioning. This outpouring will be birthed in individual hearts as we receive a revelation of God’s radical love and absolute power, and then move throughout the world as we apprehend this love and power and respond in extravagant worship, passion and acts of service poured out before His throne and into the streets.

These centers must be established because they will be cities of refuge, as times become more and more difficult, for Christians and for a wounded and broken world. We need these centers established in order to reach out to the homeless, the hungry, and the enslaved – spiritually and physically. These centers will be places of shelter, of provision and of opportunity for many who need them – with small enterprise supported by and in turn supporting the central purposes of worship, intercession and revelation, and the complimentary functions of teaching, training, evangelism and support ministries.

The vision is to teach, train and mentor worshippers, intercessors, prophets and teachers in local areas; to release worship, intercession and revelation in every expression – especially in the area of the arts; to mobilize 5-fold teams into sites who will help build vision and practical ability in local groups; to help local groups establish centers; to create and distribute resource materials; to build a network of centers which will develop regional networks.

The mission is to see equipping centers with houses of prayer at their core established in strategic locations around the world in order to equip the body of Christ and help set the stage for God’s end-time outpouring. There is a paramount urgency to begin this work: God has shown me that this establishment must be in place, in order to fulfill much of the prophecy concerning Christ’s second coming: “I will establish Zion” (Psalm 87), “that all the gentiles may come and seek the Lord” (Micah 4). The establishment of worldwide centers with houses of prayer at their core is key to facilitating the preparation of the body of Christ, serving God’s end-time outpouring, and setting the stage for Christ’s ultimate return to establish His Kingdom on earth.

The time is now –


About jscotthusted

J. Scott Husted is a writer, educator, minister and teaching missionary currently living and working in Seoul, South Korea. He carries a passion for cultivating authentic community, the establishment of the house of prayer, the plight of children at risk around the world, and raising up a new generation of leaders with a passion for the Kingdom of God.
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